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Dr. Michael Dadson cautions:

If you are beginning to have suicidal thoughts or ideation, Dr. Mike Dadson strongly recommends that a person seeks help from their doctor, or call a suicide hot line and find a Registered Clinical Counsellor who is trauma informed.

  • Talk Suicide Canada 1.833.456.4566
  • Kids Help Phone
    1 800-668-6868

Acute Stress

Acute stress affects people differently – All stress is a mix of environment and perception. As a result, people are able to shrug off some threats and close encounters easily, whereas other threats are harder and may have a greater negative effect.

Dr. Mike Dadson observes:

4 Factors that play a role in your ability to tolerate stress include but are not limited to:

  • Frequency
  • Personal history
  • Current situation
  • The response of others and the reactions of the individual


About DEPRESSION with Dr. Michael Dadson

13 Signs of Depression

  • Persistent feelings of tearfulness
  • Experiencing fatigue or a lack of energy
  • Irritability or easily agitated
  • Low self-esteem and negative self-thoughts
  • Feeling guilty or worthless
  • Struggling with sleep, either difficulty falling asleep or sleeping more than usual
  • Changes in appetite and weight, such as reduced appetite or weight loss
  • Increased anxiety or worry
  • Withdrawing from social activities, family, or friends
  • Exacerbation of physical pain or discomfort
  • Decreased libido or sexual desire
  • Difficulty concentrating or a decrease in cognitive function
  • A bleak outlook on the past, present, or future