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Dr. Michael Dadson (Mike Dadson)

Dr. Mike Dadson reports on Trauma Therapy:
Working with a professional and experienced therapist for a few months can expediate healing and may alleviate years of additional suffering. By working through an emotional injury with a trauma informed, skilled, clinical counsellor, impossible healing can be possible and what could otherwise be years of healing, may be become months. Within a skilled counselling process, the events surrounding an experience of emotional injury creates the possibility of transformation. Like dropping weights, life can become psychologically lighter. Once healing occurs, you are free to move forward with a greater sense of power and self-direction. Grow, thrive and live.
Dr. Michael Dadson maintains:
Seeking the help of a well trained and experienced clinical counsellor “can help to provide you with skills to support you through these difficult, overwhelming, and highly stressful events impacting your life”, A trauma informed clinical counsellor is competent to help normalize your reactions and help decrease the intensity, duration and frequency of triggers.
In some ways, the events that create emotional distress, can begin to move us toward a forward path of healing, set us free to really thrive, or to achieve our developmental tasks. Change is a natural and developmental stage, healing from past injuries and disruptions. We are constantly going through a natural process of change, because we’re growing and because we are healing.